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Rose 'White Out'

We have had many customers asking why we don’t offer the new White Knockout Rose.  I hate to be the bearer of bad news but there is no White Knockout Rose. 

Last summer Bill Radler, the breeder who developed The Family of Knockout Roses, introduced a new white shrub rose which he named ‘White Out’.  While this new rose is considered to be one of  the hardiest white shrub roses on the market, it falls short on disease resistance when compared to the true Knockout Roses.

In my opinion Mr. Radler shouldn’t  have selected a name that seems to imply it is part of the Knockout Family.  The confusion began even before the new rose was introduced and continues even among plant nurseries. I have seen well over a dozen online retailers advertising ‘White Out’ as the new Knockout Rose.  I assume that most of these retailers are unaware of their mistake but I think a few of them are using the Knockout name to help sell more roses.

Please don’t take this post as a criticism against the new shrub rose from Mr. Radler.  I have not personally grown it but I have heard that is a fantastic plant that is very easy to grow and blooms just as heavy as Knockouts.

Let’s hope that the breeding talents of Mr. Raddler can eventually bring us a true White Knockout.

7 Responses to “White Knockout Rose”

  1. Ashley Boedeker Says:

    Yes this is true. My mom tried to tell me that she wasn’t sure that this was actually a knockout rose, but of course I didn’t listen. I originally wanted yellow, but the nursery we were at didn’t have them. So I got the white, but I have not planted them yet. I am very glad I came across this article. Now I will likely find a different spot to plan these. The confusion comes from the “brand label” that comes with the flower. It says “The Knockout Family of Roses”. I am sure this is what is causing the confusion. Thanks for posting this article.

  2. SueNell Dillon Says:

    Yes, thanks for this information. When there is a white true Knock Out rose, I would appreciate the info as I will probably order it.

  3. Tinga Mastrelli Says:

    I cannot remember where I bought them, but I have two white roses that I thought were Knock-out. They are the right size and bloom all summer and in the same patterns as my “Radazz” red Knock-outs and I have never had any problems with disease. Guess I’m just lucky! The funny thing is that one of them was supposed to be red and came in white. I could imagine them as “White-outs” but I have had them for about 5 years.

  4. Betty Hodson Says:

    Thanks for this information. I am just adding the knockout rose family to my gardens. They are a beautiful addition to the beds in our English style garden. I am happy to know about this white rose and will wait for the true knockout white. The bed I filled with pink is doing very well and the blooms just keep coming.

  5. linda d Says:

    I’ve purchased an peachy colored knockout this year at a big box supplier…absolutely love it! Are there any other new colors available? Heard rumor of a Purple one?

  6. Tra Says:

    Hello – The peachy colored Knockout sounds like it could be Blushing Knockout. There have not been any new colors announced for the Knockout Family for 2011…… but I would be thrilled with a purple. The White shrub rose ‘White Out’ by Bill Radler is a nice additioin to the rose garden and has been hard to find this year. If you stumble across one snatch it up!

  7. Constance Says:

    I would love to have the white and a purple. I have 30 red and pink knockouts in my front and back yard and the rainbow and blushing on the side of my home and the color throughout the year is mesmerizing. I want more of the rainbow and blushing (especially beautiful and full) and I’m going to try to find the whiteout. I’ve been using the knockout roses for 4 years now and every year I find a new place to put one because I just can’t get enough of them. 

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